Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Saturday = شنبه ی خوش با رعایت قانون آن

سلام/ یکی از دوستان میخواست بداند که چرا مقدار متن فارسی به اندازه ی انگلیسی نیست؟
بهتر است عرض کنم که نوشته ها و متن هایی که اینجا می آید بر دو نوع هستند: یکی نوشته های بنده و سایر عاشقان مهرباب__ می تواند به دو زبان باشدا، مثل همین نوشتار ! و دیگری گفتارهای مهربابا که بازهم به دو زبان خواهد بود در حد ماشین ترجمه ی بنده!
Peace, one of our new visitors asked why Farsi text is not as much as the English text (volumewize, he meant!) it is better to clear this point now that as the description of this blog says, it is a 'personal weblog', in two languages and the CONTENT is of two types: one type like this post, my own writings and also other 'Baba-lovers' (a VERY BROAD term, ranging from heaven to earth!) and the second type is Avatar Meher Baba's words of love and wisdom, which is again in its original English and Some persian translations, as much as my translation-machine permits!
So, there is NO fixed rule or any specific criteria for HOW MUCH English/Persian text appear in this blog. Just to keep a balance, i switch to the 'other' channel, and the best the readers can do is just to escape the 'other language' and read in their own tongue!
بنابراین، هیچ قاعده و قانون خاصی نیست که چقدر متن از فارسی باشد یا انگلیسی. فقط برای نگهداشت نوعی تعادل، بنده به فراخور حال، "کانال" را عوض می کنم و بهترین کاری که خوانندگان عزیز می توانند بکنند این است که خط دیگر را دنبال نکنند و به زبان مورد علاقه شان بخوانند./ ضمنا من حرف های خودم را دقیقاٌ ترجمه هم نمی کنم و فقط مفاهیم را به نوعی دیگر می رسانم.
Today was another wonderful day, starting at the Tomb!
Seeing new Irani-faces and others was indeed a good feeling.
Went for the light breakfast to PC and talked to a sister about his emotional load carrying it all the way back home, while he can drop it right here and become free from it!
If it was a @positive' load, i would NOT mind and he would not mind either! But the fact is that the 'load' is negative! That is the 'question'!
Why carry it with him?
So i hope he and his 'colleagues', or 'playmates' in this 'childish-hatish' game read these lines and go deeper into the REAL reason why they hate me?
it is VERY good for them and even if i act as a 'detergent' for their hearts, it is my blessing, but are they willing to use it or willing to 'dump' it, that is NOT my concern!
امروز یک روز با شکوه دیگر بود که در حین ترک خانه، با دمیدن خورشید نارنجی رنگ آغاز شد و هنوز هم ادامه دارد. آریا تازه وارد شده و من فعلاٌ این را پست می کنم تا بعد ادامه دهم...... will write more later, have some guests over now...


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