Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Sunday

سلام/ یکشنبه ی شما با توانایی و خوشی!
راستی صحبت از توانایی شد: تجربه ی خود من این بوده است که احساس ناتوانی و ضعف یکی از اساسی ترین و شاید هم اساسی ترین سبب افسردگی باشد. وقتی که ناتوان بودم بسیار افسرده بودم. شکر که گذشت
ولی الان که احساس می کنم که توانم سبب "تسکین" می شود، بسیار سپاسگزارم از بابا که لطفش را همیشه شامل حال من داشته است.پیام زیر را امروز صبح از خواهر عزیزی از مراکش داشتم که مربی یوگا و... است به هماره داستانی زیبا از الهامات معجزه گون مهربابا که اگر بشود آن را در آینده خواهم نوشت: ترجمه ی بخش مربوط آن نامه چنین است:"خبررساندن از خودت و مهرآباد را ادامه بده، بسیار تسکین بخش است! با مهر، سرعت خداوند را نگه دار اودیل"

Peace to all lovers.... Happy Sunday with Potency and cheerfulness!
talking about 'potentiality', my own experience has been that whenever i have felt 'weak' and 'unable' (to do what i like to do!), i felt depressed. Thanks to Baba that i am busy now, doing what i like, NOT depressed anymore!
This morning ad a letter from a sister from Moroco, telling a wonderful story of Baba's grace on one of her stydents. hope i cna tell it here, someday. Receiving fine feedbacks, like what i got with her letter, following, is always encouraging and delighting.
HOW can i keep pace with His SPEED?, will run my best.......

"Keep on giving me news about yourSELF & about Meherabad,
it is very soothing! with Metta Keep God's speed ODILE"

So now i post the Sunday Law here, wishing i can change the format of this blog, so the cyclic/periodic texts like the following is separate from the daily posts.
Jay Baba, in His presence and Grace

Sunday :Law of Absolute Potentiality

Getting in-touch with the field of pure potentiality.

The seed is within.

Be silent, just be.

Silent Sitting : twice a day, minimum 30 minutes

To commune with nature:

watching the wonderful intelligence within every living being.

Use all senses to feel the field where is The Source of ALL fields:

Pure Potentiality.

Receive Your Own Creativity from The Source.

Be non-judgmental:

start the day by saying:

“Today, I Shall judge nothing that occurs.”

I remind myself of the above reminder, many times during the day .”

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra


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