Thursday, December 01, 2005

قانون وارستگی/ کمک برای تغییرات فنیLaw of Friday + need help in MT

Jay Baba Oh lovers!
What a day, more relaxed and restful than ANY thursday before!
My music-bag was found in the 'lost/found' section!
wrote a letter to an Irani brother in LA, about my translations of Baba's words and the possibility of publishing them. We will see what will come out of that.
Here is the law of Friday and here i request anyone who knows MT (Movable Type) to help me do some changes in this blog. Thanx, be Happy, Jay Baba
سلام بر عشاق/ چه روز زیبایی گذشت:راحت تر و آرام تر از هر پنجشنبه/ کیف وسایل موسیقی ام در بخش "گمشده ها" پیدا شد. نامه ای به برادری در لوس آنجلس نوشتم در مورد امکان چاپ ترجمه هایم در اینجا/ تا ببینیم چه خواهد شد.
قانون جمعه ها را می زنم و امیدوارم عزیزانی که با موبل تایپ آشنا هستند کمک فنی خودشان را از بنده دریغ نکنند تا تغییراتی اساسی در ساختار این بلاگ صورت دهیم! شاد و سرافراز باشید/ دوستدار شما: محسن

Friday :Law of Renunciation

Today, I commit myself to detachment.

I will allow myself, and those around me the freedom to be as they are.

I will not rigidly impose my idea of “ How Things Should Be.”

I will not force solutions on problems,

Thereby creating new problems.

I will participate in everything with detached involvement.

Today, I will bring in “Uncertainty” as an essential ingredient of my experience.

In my willingness to accept Uncertainly, solutions will spontaneously emerge,

out of the problem, out of the confusion, disorder, and chaos.

The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel,

because Uncertainty is my Path to Freedom.

Through the Wisdom of Uncertainty, I will find my Security.

Today, I will step into The Field of All Possibilities and Anticipate

the excitement that can occur, when I remain open to The Infinity of Choices.

When I step into The Field of All Possibilities,

I will experience all the Fun, Adventure, Magic, and Mystery of Life.

Activities for the Seven days of the week

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra


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